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Fast and Safe Ecosystem Rehabilitation

TryMarine is a platform of products, systems and methods tuned and proven to enhance biodiversity and unleash the power of ecosystems to naturally respond to environmental breakdowns. TryMarine offers the power to remediate decades of accumulated ecological damage by reversing the downward spiral of nutrient and waste inundation and creating an efficient virtuous circle powered by oxygen, the sun and natural balance.

Unique and Proven Technology

TryMarine designs and manufactures custom photocatalysts and polymers with proven capacity to accelerate natural biological reactions on a targeted basis:

  • Fast: Lakes typically are measurably enhanced within 30-45 days, and healthy in 6 months
  • Scalable: TryMarine is effective in small ponds, and rivers up to large lakes and in near shore applications – with economies of scale
  • Affordable: TryMarine offers a proven permanent solution at a fraction of the cost of competing methods and theories relating to large scale water remediation

Water Remediation

TryMarine’s custom manufactures variations of its solutions to penetrate and treat Lakes, Rivers, Wetlands, Estuaries, Fish-farms and Near-Coastal Areas, creating bio-activity and delivering tailored ingredients to foster biodiversity.

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Waste Management and Advanced Composting

TryMarine's Waste Management Suite accelerates workflows while dramatically reducing harmful off-gassing of Ammonia & Methane. Our composted residue is rich in nutrients and is a highly valued commodity — turning a waste liability into an asset.

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